For parents and carers

How you can help

The best thing you can do to help to keep your child’s ears healthy is to regularly get their ears checked at the health service. 

A doctor, nurse, or health worker can help you understand:

  • what you can do at home to prevent ear disease
  • how to recognise the symptoms of ear disease
  • the importance of taking your child to a health worker, nurse or doctor as soon as you think your child might have ear disease
  • the importance of reminding your child to take medicine as needed, or to follow advice from the health professional, like avoiding swimming for a while.


The Care for Kids' Ears resources are available to help you and your child understand ear disease. They are fun, and include stories and games to explain:

  • how to keep ears healthy
  • how to recognise ear disease
  • what to do if your child has a sore ear
  • the importance of having regular ear checks.